'Hi there everyone, I'm Finn McCool Senior. I am the Giant you see at the Belfast Giants games and it's my face on the pictures you see about our team. I am so very excited! Would you like to know why? Yes? Well here we go!

Did you know that the Belfast Giants ice hockey team skated into Belfast in 2000 and ever since then we have had a special dream to create story books and fun activities that you can all enjoy? And now our dream is coming true. We have two stories and many fun games and activities for you to enjoy. The stories are called, 'Just like me' and 'Lollipops, for breakfast?', they are all about the things that Finn Junior learns with the help of his friends Molly and Connor, as he grows up in the Land of the Giants. Then there are pictures for you and your friends to colour in, and puzzles for you to complete. I hope you and your friends have fun learning and sharing together!'